MXC Project places aluminium cans waste at the intersection between art and design, exploring the boundless possibilities offered by what it is generally dismissed as garbage. Junked aluminium cans, of no use or value anymore, are given a second chance: they are cared for, transformed, manipulated and designed to become functional objects again. 

It is a metamorphosis process, carefully guided by the vivid imagination and the talented hands of its creator, Massimo Corsini, an Italian designer based in Melbourne, who founded MXC Project back in 2002. His visionary intentions, fueled by the notion of upcycling, converge on the creation of sophisticated, sparkling and fascinating light fixtures and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.  

These unique objects are the result of a painstaking hand practice, thanks to which each particular aluminium can’s element is isolated in order to become a design module, a basic unit that, once assembled, gives life to a more composite installation, suited to interact with light. As a result, humble, aluminium cans levitate away from the landfill and are repurposed as exquisite sculptures, illuminating the space with a poetic glow. 

MXC Project not only designs for repurposing, but it advocates for a greater awareness of environmental issues and empowerment. 

It is an act of responsibility sublimated into art.