The hands-on relationship with the materiality of the used objects is at the heart of the MXC project. The starting point is to collect a great number of discarded aluminium cans from various sources, like music festivals, events, bars, clubs, house parties etc. The transformation procedure, then, begins: a meticulous work of cleaning, cutting and selecting isolates all the elements the aluminium can is composed by. Each of them becomes a design module, a creative unit that is repeated, in order to generate boundless combinations, patterns and shapes. The final, artistic vision materialises only after a gentle and patient action of sewing together, one by one, all of these components, with a waxed, black cotton thread.

Pull tabs, upper rings, round bases and graphics are removed from their original function. Once mere components of simple, utilitarian objects, they become the protagonists of an artistic intervention, which gives them not only a new purpose, but unexpected grace and elegance.