Cylinder Pendant Light

Cylinder Pendant Light fitting of aluminum can bases. Each pendant is made by including 59 can bases attached via steel rings to produce the texture.




Cylinder Pendant Light fitting of aluminum can bases.

The cylinder is supported by a square cut plate of black aluminium, secured using nickel plated cap nuts. The pendant pictured uses E27 lampholder with special fitting cordgrip lampholder and grey canvas 3 core pulley cable.

The plated lampholder E27 fittings , 24O V, 4A with ceramic terminal insert. Cord Grip mechanism insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. Earthed system means fitting can be connected to metal components like a shade ring or wire. Earthed system that requires 3 core flex and needs to be wired with earth for use a ceiling pendant light fitting.
This pendant has a brass cordgrip attached to a threaded entry type lampholder.

Original design by MXC Project. All fittings and accessories supplied by Edison Light Globes. Each element of our lighting is of exceptionally high quality and resistance. Fittings available in nickel, brass and bronze. Bulb not included.

Installation Note:
Once the pendant is installed, use hands to adjust the can bases on the texture to achieve the required shape. See attached instructions.


1.5 m Double insulated 3 core Cable
E27 or E26 lampholder
Diameter: 250 mm
Height: 450mm