The Brass Orion Pendant


The Brass Orion Pendant is made up from 258 aluminium can ring pull tops assembled in a series of six tabs. These are held together with cable ties.
As the aluminium tabs are soft and flexible, the inside of the Orion’s shape is then reinforced by a decorative club and round steel sheet that has been achieved by having it riveted, keeping up with MXC’s foundation of everything being mechanically built. This circular component is then powder coated clear brass.

Triple Drop Tube Stripes Pendant

Triple Drop Tube Stripes Pendant Light Fitting of Can Base’s utilises approx 100 cans per drop.
These particular light fittings are composed of three different pieces and sizes placed on the same cable that form an asymmetrical broken line in three points.
Each piece is made by tightly stacking individual can bases to create a clean and refined solid tube.