Cosmic Light is an exceptional chandelier, with a composite architecture and a grandiose attitude. A solid steel structure, sustains and connects all its lighting fixtures. It consists of a major, round shaped, central hub, from which eight arms evenly spread out. The main central ring holds three cylinders, each of them with a different diameter, so that from the wider one, which is at the base, two thinner ones rise upwards. This impulse to ascend is counteracted by the eight horizontal arms, which hold smaller cylinders, equally proportioned and positioned.

The most compelling trait of all cylinders is that they are entirely realised welding together thousands of discarded can tabs, to produce a texture, not only pleasing to the eye, but also able to interact with light. LED strips, in fact, are placed inside each cylinder and, precisely in order to perfect this light interaction, some polyurethane bands are inserted in crucial positions, guaranteeing a very soft, delicate light effect. The bands were collected from manufacturing waste products and they function also as a refined adornment.

Cosmic Light works with a double light switch, which can separately activate an internal, more intimate lighting, or an external, slightly more radiant one, or also both at the same time, to appreciate its full potential.
Despite this high-tech expedient and the use of modern LED strips, the chandelier’s style draws inspiration from the Italian Stilnovo design of the 1950’s, reinterpreting it and adding a contemporary touch. A formal elegance, therefore, merges with the urge of ecological awareness, yet it does not renounce to disclose its sophisticated enchantment. As an incandescent, celestial body, surrounded by its glowing satellites in orbit, Cosmic Light creates an almost otherworldly ambience, where a sustainable future is designed with exquisite gracefulness.

Total Pull Tabs used: 4864. Low voltage LED striplighting Warm White 3000K – 12V and 24V