Supernova is a very captivating light fixture, composed of four concentric rings rotating around a central, vertical axe, which serves as a pendant. The rings are 50mm wide but only 5mm thin and they can pivot around themselves, originating symmetries, balanced proportion and rhythmic alternation of full and empty spaces. From spherical volumes to almost flat circular geometries, Supernova can adopt various shapes, allowing an always different interplay between shadows and light.

A careful observation of the rings surface reveals the repurposed nature of the material used to realise them: can tabs. Thousands of them, woven together, become almost unrecognisable in their new, harmonious arrangement. To ensure their firmness, they are supported by flexible metal plates, which were obtained from industrial production scraps. Moreover, the ring external contour is sewed together with a black beeswax cotton thread.

Total Pull Tabs used: 1536. E27 Lampholder.